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Your Support Page

On this Support page, you will find tools and resources to aid in supporting your students in achieving their goals and expectations.
Spotlight on Tools
Encarta - Microsoft Encarta is a comprehensive resource that families can trust for accurate, up-to-date information. Encarta makes it easy to find information on nearly any subject, with its rich, interactive multimedia and carefully reviewed, age-appropriate content.

IEP - The new statewide IEP will allow you to retrieve historical data and complete Individual Education Plans (IEPs) easier than ever before!
  1. Visit the IEP Web site for up-to-date information about the project.
  2. View the IEP training tool to learn how the automated IEP will work. (Placeholder)
  3. Are you an IEP district? View this map of Florida to see the participating districts in the IEP project.
  4. Participating IEP district teachers, log on here! (Placeholder) is Florida’s official online student advising system! Soon Sunshine Connections will have the ability to automatically log into so that you will no longer have to type in a second user name and password! Until then, log into which also offers an ePersonal Education Planner (ePEP). Whether you want to go to college, a vocational training center, or straight to the workforce- you'll need to be prepared by taking the most appropriate and challenging courses.