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Restricted Site Tools Availability

Active Directory Administrative Tool (ADAT), Flexible Authorization System (FAS) and Audit Reports are tools within Sunshine Connections that districts utilize to manage data that is specific to their region's information.  These tools are available only to those districts who have integrated Sunshine Connections into their electronic database portals.  All  districts in the State of Florida are encouraged to utilize these data reporting tools as available through the restricted site on Sunshine Connections.  Please contact the Department of Education/Sunshine Connections to arrange district access. 

The foregoing digital assistance provides the end user with insight into uploading and troubleshooting data that is required for proper administrative and teacher use in Sunshine Connections Restricted.  Perusing these guides on the public site affords the end user to view what is needed and expected prior to full district accessablity.  These guides prepare the end user with specific information pertinent to the process of data uploading and accessability when the restricted site is in place. 


Account Management Application

Authorized users can perform the following functions in Sunshine connections.

      • Create new user accounts
      • Edit existing user accounts
      • Enable or disable exiisting user accounts
      • Reset passwords for existing accounts


Flexible Authorization System

FAS Users Security Group can utilize this guide to assist them with mapping educators to students.    This district level tool is further utilized by district personnel by individually identifying who their FAS User's Security Group are.  These users will have the ability to access and affect changes for their specific district.

Audit  Reports

Audit Reports represent information needed to match the Department of Education's files to the individual district's data files.  As district files are submitted to the DOE, Audit Reports are generated that evidence any inconsistencies, as well as reasons thereof, that may exist between the two sets of data.  These reports are generally utilized by the district MIS Directors.


Medicaid Tracking System